What to eat after fasting, what not to eat?

Fasting at least one day a week is also considered good for health. However, after fasting, people get sick by eating more things that should not be eaten.

It is said that after fasting for a whole day, one should not eat food in the evening on the day of fasting. However, eating fruits and liquids is a religious exemption. Plenty of water, fruits, and fruit juice can be eaten on the day of fasting.

Although fasting is good for those who have health problems, doctors recommend eating these snacks. It is recommended to eat light food as the hungry stomach of the day cannot digest hard food immediately.

After a long fast, eating too much food at once can cause a physical reaction and make a person unconscious. Not only solid food but also water should not be drunk too suddenly. It is considered appropriate to eat again after eating a little and resting for a while.

After fasting, you can make dough bread and eat it with potatoes. It is said that sabdana is made by mixing pure milk and making pure dishes during fasting. It can also be eaten by soaking peanuts in milk and fasting.

If you have a habit of taking cold water for relief for a while after fasting, it can cause serious danger to your heart. Doctors say that it is not good to drink tea on an empty stomach immediately. In addition, it is said that it is not good to eat spicy food. Bread, lentils, rice, and vegetables are the best at this time.

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Of all God in Hindu Religion, Lord Shiva is the coolest one, apart from being simplest, and most powerful.

In fact, his personality, describes nothing, sort of a Superhero, who knows, what he is doing. Here are 5, interesting facts about, Lord Shiva which will, make you his devotee, and fan forever. Before we start, let me throw a short disclaimer.

All the information, here is based on, articles published online, and Hindu mythology, which does not intend to, harm anyone’s religious faiths, and beliefs.

Now let’s begin.
1. Lord Shiva, is the simplest, of all lords. He can fulfill, any wish of his devotee. That’s why, he is known as, Bholenath. His devotees include kings, slaves, demons, Tantrik, Ahghooris. Well anyone can, worship him at any time. No restrictions at all.

2. He has compassion, for all beings, including animals. This is why he is called Pashupati Nath.

3. He smokes pot and doesn’t mind if, his devotee does the same. From ashes of dead bodies to weed, one can offer him anything. Furthermore, tantric sees him as, the god of se’x. He is okay with, everything.

4. Though he is most powerful, and called as, destroyer, he rarely gets angry. Scriptures say, last such occasion came, when his beloved wife died. Well, he is not only a powerful, quiet and simple God, but also, a devoted husband who loved his wife, as no one else, in this universe.

5 . Lord Shiva, always stayed in the shadows, while his wife is, worshiped as Shakti, Durga. All symbolizing, women’s power. These are enough reasons, not only to become a Shiva devotee but also, a fan of Lord Shiva.

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