5 foods to increase immunity

To prevent the spread of corona around the world, it is necessary to increase the immune system. If the ability to fight disease is weakened, any disease attacks quickly.

If the body’s ability to fight disease is strong, it can easily fight off viruses such as corona. For this, we can make more use of the various foods that are easily available in our kitchen.

Its leaves contain vitamin C, phosphorus, and calcium. It strengthens our immune system.

Mushrooms contain many nutrients, including vitamin D. It is beneficial for health. Mushrooms should be added to food to increase immunity.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil should be used instead of cooking oils. Consumption of coconut oil not only benefits the body but also strengthens the body to fight various diseases.

Broccoli can be used as a salad, vegetable, and soup. It has vitamins, antioxidants, and other properties, so it strengthens the body.

Spinach contains iron, vitamins, and fiber. It also develops immunity. Spinach can be eaten as a vegetable, soup, salad, and juice.

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