Bhagwan Brahma

Why is Brahma, The creator not worshipped?

Lord Brahma, The Creator is the first god of the Trinity (i.e Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar). Even though the entire universe is created by him, he is depicted as old and worried, why? Do people worship Brahma? Let’s not talk about others, do you yourself worship him? If not! Why? Why don’t you worship the Lord of Creation?

Why is the originator of four Vedas ignored? Even knowers of the Vedas are worshipped and respected more than their originator. You cannot find even a single Hindu or Sanatani not worshipping Lord Bishnu and Maheshwar but it’s very hard to find out somebody worshipping Lord Brahma.

There is only one temple dedicated to him, which is the Pushkar temple of Rajasthan. The rest of the temples even don’t care about his existence.

Let’s talk about Brahma’s knowledge. His entire knowledge is considered the highest knowledge. All the penance, yoga, and meditation are performed for acquiring the Brahman knowledge. In this way, People aspire to have Brahman-knowledge and on the other side, Lord Brahma is ignored. Why this contradicts?

There are many stories behind the ignorance of Lord Brahma by mankind. As per one mythological story, along with the creation of the universe, Lord Brahma created a female deity known as Shatarupa, one who can acquire a hundred forms.

It is believed that Brahma had only one head when he had started creating the universe. Later, due to this female deity, he got five heads. Shatarupa was so beautiful that Brahma became completely infatuated with her and stared at her wherever she went.

Shatarupa was embarrassed by this attention and intention and tried to escape his gaze, but in every direction that she moved, Brahma sprouted a new head until he had developed four. This frustrated her, and in order to escape herself from this, the desperate Shatarupa jumped high in the sky.

To continue his gaze, the fifth head was sprouted at the top of his other four heads. He showed his lordship on her. This unholy behavior and an extra attachment to the created things of Lord Brahma angered Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva admonished him and chopped his fifth head as a punishment for his unacceptable behavior of the creator towards his creation.

Brahma was attached to the created things(temporary) by ignoring the soul(permanent). He became materialistic than spiritual. Due to this, Lord Shiva cursed Brahma not to be worshipped. The four heads of Brahma are believed to be four Vedas whereas the fifth one was his ego. So Lord Shiva chopped off his ego along with a curse not to be worshipped.

On the other hand, the next story behind the ignorance of Brahma says that there was a competition between Brahma and Vishnu to prove who is greater and who should be worshipped first. In order to win this competition, Lord Brahma spoke a lie and tried to trick Lord Vishnu.

On seeing this, lord shiva appeared and chopped his fifth head of Brahma and cursed him not to be worshipped. Similarly, this is also explained as a result of a curse from Saraswati. The curse was actually brought about through a misunderstanding.

One day, when Brahma was waiting for his wife to begin an important religious ceremony Saraswati was late which couldn’t start the ritual punctually. Brahma asked the gods’ advice and they responded by creating a new wife for him i.e. Gayatri so that the ceremony could go ahead at the precise time.

However, when Saraswati arrived she was not pleased to see her husband with another woman and so cursed Brahma never to be worshipped by humanity. All these are mythological reasons. Now, let’s go on something logical. Truly speaking we do not worship or respect a person, we respect and worship the quality, behavior, post, position, and power of a person, isn’t it?

Lord Brahma was highly attached to his creation and behaved like everything belongs to me, everything should work according to me but is that the divine nature of Creator? No one wants to be controlled by anyone.

Even your own offspring does not want to be excessively controlled by you. You can create something but cannot possess the same for your lifetime. Brahma tries to control everyone and everything, and hence, no one wants to be in the association with him.

That is the reason Lord Brahma being appeared stressed, worried, old, and secluded. People living in the present are worried about their future rather than thinking about the past. Brahma is a Creator, Bishnu, a savior, and Maheshwar, a destroyer.

Creation is past but people are living in present. This is why people worship Lord Vishnu and Maheshwar but not Lord Brahma.

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