Lord Shiva

Mandatory recitation of Shiva Mantra after worship, See how to learn.

Many of us have heard a mantra of Lord Shiva. Karpurgauram Karunavataram Sansarasaram Bhujgendraharam Sada Vasantam Hridayarvinde Bhavan Bhavani Sahitam Namami.

It means: Always dwell in my heart and bless me with Lord Shiva Mata Parvati, the incarnation of compassion and kindness, the essence of the world, and the garland of serpents, white in color like Kapoor.

The glory of this mantra is wonderful. The chanting of any mantra is done to please a particular deity. This mantra of Shiva is also chanted for the same purpose.

Wherever you chant this mantra of God, coolness arises in the mind. Of course, you don’t have to do big rituals to please Mahadev Bholanath. Shivaji is pleased with a lot of cool water, bel leaves, and mantra Japa.

This verse was first recited by Lord Vishnu at the wedding of Shiva Parvati. It discusses the great divine form of Lord Shiva. After chanting it, the worship is successful and the devotee gets the desired fruit.

When praising Shiva, the mind should be at peace. God does not like any pretense. Bholenath can be remembered at any time with calmness. Simple Lord Shiva is worshiped with equal reverence by both gods and demons.

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The destiny and future of any human being are hidden in his own hands. The length of our fingers also tells us about our future. From this, anyone can even know about their nature.

Today we are going to inform you about the impact of fingers on life. People whose index finger is bigger than the ring finger:

According to palmistry, a person whose index finger is bigger than a chor finger is more attracted to personality. These people move forward with the determination to complete the tasks in their minds on time and even succeed in achieving their goals. They try to solve every problem in their life.

People whose ring finger are bigger than the index finger: According to science, people who have a bigger ringer finger than the index finger tend to have more confidence.

According to palmistry, these people often prefer to be alone and do all their work in order. The main characteristic of these people is to work in their own way without listening to anyone else.

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