Which god is worshipped on which day of the week? See here.

Know how to worship which deities at 7 days of the week? In Hinduism, every day of the week is considered the day of gods and goddesses.

Apart from special fasts most Hindus fast on one or two days of the week by worshiping the same deity according to the same day.

1) Sunday:

In Hinduism, Sunday is considered the day of ‘Surya Dev’. On this day, the people who fast should eat only one spoonful of food and should not add salt or oil to the food. those who are fasting, the Sun God will be pleased when they wear red clothes. And red flowers should be offered during worship.

2) Monday:

Monday is the day of Shivaji. If Shivaji is worshiped on this day, Shivaji will soon be happy. On this day, one should go to Shiva temple, especially to worship ‘Ardhanarishwar’ and chant ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’.

It is believed that when Shivaji is worshiped on Monday while reciting Shiva Purana, Shivaji is pleased and gives the requested gift.

A virgin woman worships Shivaji to get a good groom, while a married woman worships Shivaji for the happiness of her family and the longevity of her husband. It is forbidden to mix salt and oil in the food if one should eat one meal during the fast on this day.

3) Tuesday:

Lord Ganesha is especially worshiped on Tuesdays. Also on this day Kali Mata, Durga Mata, and Hanuman are also worshiped. If you are fasting on this day, you should not eat breakfast and you should not add salt to your evening meal.

4) Wednesday:

Wednesday is the time dedicated to the planet ‘Mercury’ or ‘Budh’. On this day, especially Vithal-Dev (incarnation of Krishna) is worshiped. Worship should be done with basil leaves. Wednesday is considered auspicious for starting a new job. Also, believe that those who fast for Lord Krishna on this day will get the fruit they want

5) Thursday:

Thursday is the day to worship Lord Vishnu and his incarnations. Milk and ghee should be included in the ingredients of worship. Those who are fasting should eat a small amount of milk. Most of the devotees also recite Srimad-Bhagavatam Purana on this day.

6) Friday:

On Friday, Hindus worship Goddess Mahalakshmi. Also on this day, the incarnations of Mother Lakshmi- Santoshi Mother, Annapurneshwari Mother, and Durga Bhavani are also worshiped. On Fridays, especially desserts are prepared and desserts can be distributed to the devotees.

7) Saturday:

Shanidev is worshiped on this day so that no one can see Shanidev. On this day, it is obligatory for the devotees to wear black clothes and the devotees believe that they should not eat salt at dinner.

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