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How did Lord Shiva’s neck turn blue?

It is a well-known fact that the throat of Mahadev, the destroyer of the world, is blue. There are many stories in various Hindu scriptures about how Shiva’s throat turned blue.

No matter how many stories are told, the essence of what he is trying to say becomes the same. In today’s issue of Dharma, we are going to give you information about how Lord Shiva’s throat turned blue.

Accusing Indra of disrespecting the offerings of ‘Shri’, Sadhu Durvasa cursed Indra and other gods to destroy religion, power, and destiny. After that, there was a big battle between the gods and the demons, where all the gods were defeated by the demons of ‘King Bali’.

The whole universe was coming under his control. After that, the deities went to the place where the triune god Vishnu was and advised to use a special kind of diplomacy to defeat the demon.

On the advice of Lord Vishnu, an agreement was reached between the gods and the demons and it was decided to churn the ocean together and distribute nectar to both the gods and the demons for ‘nectar’ (immortal water).

However, Vishnu secretly promised to give nectar only to the gods. The Mandara Mountain was used as a Madani for churning the sea and the Vasuki snake (king of snakes) was used as a rope to turn the mountain.

For churning, the demons sat on the head of the Basuki serpent, and on the advice of Vishnu, the deities sat on the tail. The poison that came out of Basuki’s mouth killed some of the demons, but the gods and demons together began to push Basuki’s body back and forth, which caused the Mandara mountain to turn and the mountain to churn the sea.

But, after the mountain sank in the sea, Vishnu took the form of a tortoise ‘Kurma’ and rested the mountain on his back. While churning the ocean, many things came out of the ocean before the nectar. From there came the ‘Halahala’ poison, which has the power to destroy the whole universe, which terrifies all the gods and demons.

Then, all the deities started praying to Lord Shiva. To save the universe, Lord Shiva collected the poison and put it in his mouth to swallow, but his wife Parvati, realizing the real power of the poison, grabbed Shiva by the throat so that Shiva could not swallow the poison.

Thus the poison settled in Shiva’s throat with a blue color. And the story of Lord Shiva is called ‘Nilakantha’ is found in Hindu scriptures.

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