14 Curse of Ramayana and Mahabharata which changed the story

It is said that “God also has a condition!” That is why Mahadev had to drink the poison of Calcutta, Lord Vishnu, the Lord of the worlds, had to take the form of a stone and Lakshmana had to lose his life in the battle with Indrajit.

There are many such incidents in the stories mentioned in the Hindu scriptures, in which even the powerful gods had to suffer various sorrows, curses, and sufferings. We are going to tell you about the curses of the characters in the great Hindu scriptures Ramayana and Mahabharata.

1. Curse on Lord Rama

Many may not know about this curse of Lord Rama in Ramayana. Tara, the wife of the giant Bali, had cursed that Rama would lose his mistress Sita again even after he was freed from Ravana’s possession. Also, Tara had said that Sita would merge with Mother Earth.

During the war between Bali and Sugriva, Rama killed Bali and his wife Tara cursed him. Tara had also cursed Ram that Bali would kill him in his next birth. That is why in the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna is believed to have died after being hit by an arrow shot by a hunter.

2. Curse on Hanuman’s mother Anjana

Anjana was formerly a nymph. Due to self-pity, she had killed the monkey who was doing penance. The angry ape cursed Anjana saying that she should be born as an ape as soon as she falls in love. After that, the curse of Anjana was removed by a herb given by Brahma, that herb is called ‘Brahmavindu’.

3. The curse on Hanuman

As a child, Hanuman used to do many infamous deeds. In one such incident, Hanuman was cursed by a sadhu from Hanuman. Then Hanuman forgot all the power and knowledge given to him by the gods. Jambavantha reminded Hanuman, who was cursed to be powerless until someone reminded him of his power while rescuing Sita.

4. The curse was given by Vashishta to Vasu

After Vasu and his friends captured Vashishta’s cow ‘Nandini’, Vashishta cursed Vasu to be born as a mortal on earth. This curse is associated with the birth of Bhishma in the Mahabharata.

5. Karna was cursed by a Brahmin

In the Mahabharata, Karna killed a Brahmin’s cow while practicing bow and arrow and the same Brahmin cursed Karna. Just as that innocent cow had to die, so Karna was cursed to die without any help. That is why in the battle of Mahabharata, the wheel of Karna’s chariot got stuck in the ground and became helpless.

6. Krishna’s curse on the unhealthy

Lord Krishna was angry with Asvatthama for killing the son of the Pandavas. Lord Krishna ordered to take away the gem that had protected Aswatthama and cursed him to persecute him for 3000 years. Lord Krishna also cursed the unhealthy so that no one should help him, let him eat or stay, and let there be a wound in his body that would never heal.

7. Krishna’s curse on Samba

Lord Krishna had cursed his own son ‘Samba’ to get leprosy.

8. Guru Yayati was cursed by Guru Shukracharya

As King Yayati secretly married Devyani’s sister Sharmistha, Guru Shukracharya made her old. But Shukracharya also said that if anyone agrees, the curse can be transferred from Yayati to others. After all the sons of King Yayati refused, a man named Puru agreed to take the curse on him.

9. Saraswati’s curse on Brahma

Harassed by Brahma’s improper behavior, Saraswati cursed him so that no one would worship him.

10. The curse of Brahma on Lord Shiva

In fact, Brahma used to have 5 heads. Once, Parvati misunderstood Brahma as Shiva and told this to Lord Shiva. Then, Lord Shiva cut off the fifth head of Brahma and transformed it into ‘Kal Bhairav’. Seeing such an act of Shiva, Brahma cursed that the head should never escape from the hand of Shiva and that he would always suffer from hunger and insomnia. Later, Parvati, on the advice of Lord Vishnu, removed the head from Shiva’s hand.

11. Radha’s curse on Shridhama

Radha had cursed Shridhama to be born into a poor family. Shridhar also cursed Radha to stay away from Krishna for 100 years.

12. Santanu and Ganga are cursed by Brahma

Brahma cursed Santanu and Ganga, who was wandering in the sky, saying that they had done bad deeds in their previous birth and that they should be born as human beings on earth.

13. Saraswati’s curse on Lakshmi

Saraswati had cursed Lakshmi to be born of a tree while Ganga had cursed Saraswati to be the wife of Brahma. Saraswati also cursed that the Ganges should be taken as a holy river, and all the sins and misdeeds of those who bathe in that river should be destroyed.

14. The curse on Naal and Neel

In the Ramayana, Naal and Neel were powerful apes and they used to do many infamous things as children. They used to throw anything into the water for fun. Once he threw water into the sadhu, then the sadhu got angry and cursed him not to drown anything thrown by Naal and Neel in the water.

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