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Do you believe, Hanuman is celibate but married

We know Hanuman as a polygamist. We see Hanuman in almost every temple alone or with Ram Sita but we do not see him with his wife. However, many may be surprised to know that Hanuman is married even though he is called a celibate.

It is said that Hanuman was married in the Parashar Samhita. According to the Parashar Samhita, Hanuman is married to Surya Dev’s daughter Suvarchala. Hanuman, who had vowed to remain a celibate, was in trouble after Hanuman’s guru Surya told him that he would not teach Hanuman until he got married.

When he told his guru Surya about his crisis, however, his guru Suryadev asked him to marry his daughter. Urging to marry his daughter, Surya said that his daughter Suvarchala is an ascetic and even if he marries her, Hanuman will remain celibate and the Guru’s wish will be fulfilled.

Hanuman had got married after saying that Hanuman would remain a celibate even if he got married as he was an ascetic. After marriage, Hanuman also received education and remained celibate.

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Many things of Trimurtidev Mahadev are mysterious. His third eye is one of them. According to Hindu scriptures, his third eye has the power to consume the entire creation.

When Shivaji gets angry, he is believed to open his third eye and punish the culprit. Many believe that Shivaji was called a ‘slayer’ because of his destructive ‘third eye’.

According to spiritualism, the third eye is the ‘eye of knowledge’ and every human being has a third eye. But our third eye is not destructive. Only when we see with our third eye can we understand this nature and the truth of the world.

Therefore, Shivaji’s third eye is also called the ‘eye of knowledge’. His two eyes represent the activities of the material world and his third eye refers to his spiritual knowledge and power.

The story of the origin of Mahadev’s third eye is also very interesting. According to the Shiva Purana, his third eye originated as follows:

Kamadev and Mahadev

After the death of Mahadev’s wife ‘Sati Devi’, he was very upset. Angered and saddened by the body of Goddess Sati, Mahadev looked around the world. In the end, after the whole body of Sati fell down, Mahadev locked himself in a cave and began to meditate.

Mahadev’s condition caused turmoil in the whole world. Even the efforts of many gods could not get Mahadev out of the cave. Then Lord Vishnu sent Kamadeva (God of love) to calm Mahadev down.

It is mentioned in the scriptures that Kamadeva’s arrow can make any hard-hearted person loving.

Mahadev was in deep meditation. While meditating, he discovered the basic secret of why Sati Devi died, what this whole world means, what is the nature of nature. It is believed that his third eye originated from there.

Here again, the gods sent Kamadev to the place where Shiva was. And when Kamadeva struck Mahadev with his magic arrow, instead of calming down, Mahadev became angrier and opened his third eye and devoured Kamadeva.

The meaning of the third eye:

This is clear from the incident – the third eye indicates the ‘rejection of desire and lust’. It consumed Kamadev, the god of love and desire. Mahadev’s wish and desire was Sati Devi.

When the object of one’s desire ceases to exist, then immense sorrow, longing, and anger dwell in the mind. Through meditation, Mahadev understood this truth.

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