Stories hidden in the mysteries of the Mahabharata

Mahabharata, one of the two great books written in Sanskrit, is full of stories. More than 100,000 verses make it three times larger than the Bible. I

t is said, “What is found here is found anywhere, but what is not found here is not found anywhere” Let’s read some untold stories from the Mahabharata.

Five golden arrows
When the Kauravas were losing to the Pandavas in the battle of Mahabharata, one night Duryodhana went to vent his anger on Bhishma. Duryodhana started blaming Bhishma saying that he did not take part in the war because of his love for Pandava.

Bhishma became furious, picked up five gold arrows nearby, and started chanting mantras. In front of Duryodhana, he announced that he would kill five Pandavas with three golden arrows tomorrow. Without believing in Bhishma’s announcement, Duryodhana said that he would return the five arrows in the morning.

Old days
The story dates back to long before the battle of Mahabharata when the Pandavas went into exile. Duryodhana also settled on the other side of the pond where the Pandavas lived. While bathing in the pool, some Gandharvas fell from heaven.

The foolish Duryodhana went up to the Gandharvas without any reason. After the defeat, Duryodhana was captured. Arjun, who was nearby, found out and came to rescue Duryodhana. Being a Kshatriya, Duryodhana was very ashamed of this incident.

Duryodhana asked Arjuna to ask for a bridegroom. Arjun said that he would ask for a bridegroom whenever needed.

The bridegroom asked by Arjuna
One night during the battle of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna reminded Arjuna about the old groom and asked him to bring five golden arrows with Duryodhana.

And Arjuna went to Duryodhana to ask for the same five arrows as a bridegroom. Duryodhana could not say no as he had to fulfill his promise according to the regional religion. After giving the arrow, Duryodhana asked, “Who said about the golden arrow?” Arjuna said, “Lord Krishna.”

Duryodhana again went to Bhishma to ask for another five golden arrows. Duryodhana had to win the war. But Bhishma started laughing and said that it would not be possible to give the same 5 arrows again.

If he had not asked for the arrow in disbelief, Arjuna would not have found the arrow, and Bhishma would have fulfilled his promise. After the death of the Pandavas, Duryodhana would have won the battle. Which did not happen.

Dornacharya’s birth
The birth of Dornacharya, the master of the Pandavas and Kauravas, is very interesting. Dornacharya may not be different from the world’s first ‘Test-Tube Web’. Sage Bharadwaj is the father of Dornacharya, and his mother is a nymph named Krithaji.

One day Sage Bharadwaj was preparing for the evening prayer. I went to bathe in the Ganges as usual. When he arrives, he sees a beautiful nymph bathing in the place where he always bathes. Seeing Bharadwaj, the nymph came out of the Ganges, with only a garment on her body.

Suddenly, the nymph’s one-sided garment betrayed her, slipping on the river bank, and her garment slipped and fell to the ground. The semen of sage Bharadwaj, who was watching the mantra with fascination, fell.

The sage collected the semen in a clay pot. He took the ashram and kept it safe in a dark place. Dorna was born on the same soil. Dronam means rent, and Dronar means born from the rent of clay.

Final examination of the ear
Krishna had to check Karna’s generosity even at the last moment. Krishna came to Karna in the form of a poor Brahmin. Karna was bloodied on the battlefield of Mahabharata, taking his last breath and waiting for death.

Krishna shouted, ‘Karna! Karna! ‘Karna replied,’ O Brahmin, who are you? ‘Krishna, disguised as a Brahmin, said,’ I have been hearing the story of your generosity for a long time, you give whatever you ask for.

Today I have come to ask you for something ‘,’ I am ready to give whatever you ask ‘, Karna replied. “I need some gold,” Krishna told Karna. Karna opened his mouth and pointed to the gold between his teeth and said, “I will give you this gold, you can take it.” In an angry voice, Krishna said, “Shall I grind your teeth and take the gold away?” How can I do such a thing ‘, Karna picked up a nearby stone and struck it on his teeth and donated the golden teeth to the Brahmin.

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