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11 sins which Mahadev won’t forgive

Shiva Does Not Forgive These Sins.
Lord Shiva is known as the deity who is pleased with minimal offerings. Even if you offer water to the Shivalinga everyday, this is sufficient to please Lord Shiva. this is sufficient to please Lord Shiva. Outwardly ferocious, Lord Shiva is very innocent inside. That is why he is also known as Bholenath. However, there are some sins which Lord Shiva never forgives. Hinduism mentions some major sins, which can be committed either by thoughts, speech or action. Hence, it is not just the wrong actions that are disliked by Shiva, but the thoughts as well.

Sins mentioned in the scriptures-

1- Desiring Someone Else’s Wealth.
Never try to misuse another person’s money. Never forget to repay the money you owe someone. One should never eye another person’s money. This results in Shiva being displeased.

2- Desiring Someone Else’s Wife.
Trying to disturb the married life of another person is considered as a grave sin by Lord Shiva. Neither should one desire to possess the wife of another nor should he try to create problems in their relationship in any other way.

3- Plotting Evil Plans Against Others.
Even aiming for the evil of others is disliked by Lord Shiva. Those who plot evil plans against others or try to destroy the happiness of others are never appreciated by Lord Shiva. He likes people who are as innocent as he is.

4- Desiring To Walk On The Evil Path.
Some people have a particular inclination towards evil activities or creating nuisance in the society. Lord Shiva does not like these antisocial elements.

5- Insulting Women.
It is believed in Hinduism that insulting a woman makes Goddess Lakshmi unhappy because of which she might leave the house. This is disliked by Lord Shiva. No God stays in the house where women are not respected. Some people, out of ignorance, hurl dirty and unhealthy comments on women, which not just humiliates them, but also displeases Lord Shiva, who gets annoyed as easily as he can be pleased.

6- Defaming Others.
Lord Shiva likes those who are as innocent as he himself is. If somebody tries to spoil another person’s dignity and respect in the society, this might enrage Lord Shiva. He considers it a sin if you try to defame a person. Using lies against others and spreading rumours is wrong in his eyes. Talking behind the back of a person is also included in this.

7- Consuming Certain Things.
Actions such as killing animals for consumption is another sin in the eyes of Lord Shiva as per Hinduism. Killing animals for consumption is believed to displease him. Violent actions like this are not liked by Shiva.

8- Intoxicating Yourself.
Lord Shiva does not like it when his devotees become addicted to alcoholism, drugs, etc. It ruins one’s body and hence, ruins the lives of those belonging to him.

9- Stealing.
Stealing property from a Brahmin, or from a temple or from anyone else also displeases Lord Shiva.

10- Disrespecting One’s Elders.
Abusing one’s parents, teachers or criticizing them brings the wrath of Lord Shiva. One must also not abuse hermits as well.

11- Some Other Sins In The Eyes Of Shiva.
Some other sins in the eyes of Lord Shiva are having an illicit relationship with a daughter-in-law or sister-in-law, burning a cowshed, a forest, etc.


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