Why do bells ring in temples? These are scientific reasons !

In Hinduism, bells are rung on every religious occasion. The sound of bells is the identity of every mandir and there is a tradition of ringing bells in temples since ancient times.

There are religious as well as scientific reasons for connecting and ringing bells in the temple.

The Aarti of the deity cannot be completed without ringing the bell. The sound of bells gives positive energy to the mind, brain, and body. When Aarti is performed in the temple, the sound of bells awakens devotion in the mind of a person.

The sound of small bells in the temple cleanses the atmosphere. The sound coming from the bell is miraculous. The micro-organisms in the air are harmful to our health. When the bell rings continuously in the temple

The sound emitted destroys harmful micro-organisms. The sound of the bell makes the effect of negative energy useless. Asana creates a positive atmosphere.

The sound of the bell increases concentration, calms the mind, increases the ability to think, gives birth to religious thoughts, and develops the intellect.

Regular Aarti and the constant ringing of bells awaken the idols of the deities installed in the temple. Worship of these idols is more effective and quickly fruitful.

According to the Puranas, ringing the temple bell destroys many birth sins. The sound heard at the beginning of creation is the sound of the same bell.

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