Proposal to remove the pier from Pashupati area

The Pashupati Area Development Fund is going to propose in the master plan to relocate the Pashupati Nath Temple to other places without keeping it close to maintain the historical, religious, cultural, and archeological significance of the temple.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation has formed a committee under the coordination of a former member of the National Planning Commission Prada Chandramani Adhikari to review and finalize the master plan submitted by the Council of Ministers to the Council of Ministers for approval.

Member Secretary of the Fund, Dr. Pradip Dhakal, informed the RSS that the proposal was being made as the environment in the review committee could not be like that of Masanghat. “Devotees should rejoice in the Pashupatinath temple, the center of faith of the Vedic Sanatan Dharma spread all over the world, by burning incense, lamps, and its fragrance.

There are archives of 200 people who died of corona one day during the outbreak of the corona epidemic. The master plan is to prepare a master plan to close Aryaghat completely after the smoke started coming in an uncomfortable way to determine whether it is the Pashupati area or Ghat. It is also proposed to move the electric crematorium to a suitable place elsewhere.

Dhakal, who is also the member secretary of the master plan review committee, said that the plan to develop the Bagmati bank at Pashupatinath as a center of worship, adoration, meditation, and sadhana by removing two ghats from Bhashmeshwor Ghat has been removed.

The government has allocated Rs. 350 million for the completion of the expanded master plan of the Pashupati area in the coming fiscal year. He said that the temple area should not be converted into a Masanghat, arguing that foreign tourists visit the Pashupatinath area, which is famous for its archeological significance.

It is said that arrangements will be made for Brahmanal even if the ghat is removed from Aryatirtha. As the population is increasing in the Kathmandu Valley, the fund is going to request the concerned bodies to find an alternative to the ferry.

The fund suggests that the ferry should be arranged to support up to 10 million people. In the Pashupati area, there are currently 15 ghats in operation, including two at Aryaghat, 10 at Bhashmeshwor Ghat, and three at the electric crematorium.

Lately, cremation has been going on in all these ghats of Pashupati area for 24 hours. Earlier, cremations were held at Gokarneshwar, Hatyamochan Ghat, Shankhamool area, Kalmochan Ghat, and other places along the Bagmati River.

Recently, due to cremation materials, Kriyaputri Bhawan, facilities for Brahmins, etc. in Pashupati area, the fund is proposing to make alternative arrangements through the master plan, saying that it is being developed as Masanghat.

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