According to Garuda Purana, married women should not do this work.

There are 18 Puranas mentioned in Sanatan Dharma. Of which Garuda Purana is also one. Lord Vishnu is mentioned in this Purana and many such works have been told. In a verse of Garuda Purana, women are asked to avoid certain habits.

According to this Purana, women who do not believe in these things. So don’t make these mistakes even by forgetting.

1) Do not stay away from your husband for long

According to Garuda Purana, women should not stay away from their husbands for long. Women who stay away from their husbands for a long time then their family life will be filled with sorrows. So every married woman should spend more time with her husband and respect him.

2) Don’t make friends with such people

According to Garuda Purana, do not make friends with any such man or woman. Whose character is not good. Being friends with people of bad character also spoils your character. Women should be focused only on the household.

3) Don’t insult people

Women should respect every person. Never speak harsh words to anyone. Be it small or big talk to everyone well and never use wrong words.

4) Don’t stay in a foreign house for long

According to Garuda Purana, women should stay in their own houses. Women who stay after marriage and go to people’s homes, their prestige decreases, and discord with family members also increases. That is why it is very important that women stay in their homes after marriage.

The women who take care of the above-mentioned things, the life of those women is filled with happiness and there is no problem in life.

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