From spider webs to black cats, these 10 incidents tell you the inauspicious shadow of Saturn

The defects of the planet Saturn can create turmoil in your life. If the adverse effect of Saturn comes to your house, then you may have to face many problems.

Now a question also comes that how do we know whether there is an unfavorable shadow of Saturn on us or not? Usually, it can be detected by looking at the horoscope. But if you do not have a horoscope or you are not an expert in these things, then through some easy signs, you can also guess the inauspicious shadow of Saturn.

Signs of the bad influence of Saturn
1. Having any disease related to your feet is a sign of the inauspicious effect of Saturn on you.

2. If you work harder than your capacity, but still do not get the desired result, then it is a sign of the bad influence of Saturn.

3. Loss of money one after the other is also a sign of the inauspicious shadow of Saturn.

4. Even if black-colored pets like Kaal dog or buffalo etc. die in the house, it also indicates the wrath of Shani.

5. If you are making rounds of court-court due to some false allegation, then this can also be the result of Shani’s wrath.

6. People doing jobs have to face problems in the office due to the inauspicious Dasha of Saturn.

7. If a bud cat often lives around your house, then it can also be a sign of the inauspicious shadow of Saturn.

8. Losing or stealing any of your expensive things is also a sign of the inauspicious condition of Shani.

9. Frequent making of spider webs in the corners of the house or the presence of more ants in the house is also a sign of the black shadow of Shani Dev.

10. If Peepal plants are growing repeatedly on the wall of the house, then this is also a sign of adverse vision of Saturn.

Remedies to avoid Saturn’s wrath
1. If you want to avoid the wrath of Shani Dev, then start reading Hanuman Chalisa daily from today.

2. Donate things like sesame, urad, buffalo, iron, oil, black clothes, black cow, and shoes. These things can be donated to beggars, weak or weak persons, servants, and sanitation workers. Shani Dev is also pleased by donating black things like black gram, black sesame, urad dal, black clothes, etc.

3. On Saturday, take sesame oil in a bowl and see your face inside it. After this, offer this bowl to the Shani temple. Offer sesame oil to Shani Dev here.

4. Serve the poor without any personal interest.

5. Offer water containing saffron, sandalwood, rice, flowers to the root of the peepal.

6. Light a lamp of sesame oil on Saturday and worship Shani Dev.

7. Feed delicious food prepared in oil to cow, dog, and beggar.

8. If Saturn’s unfavorable vision is reading on you, then give up meat and alcohol.

9. Every Saturday, sit in front of Shandev and chant the mantra ‘Om Shan Shanishcharaya Namah’.

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