Don’t cut your nails and hair on these days.

There are different kinds of stereotypes according to their religion, tradition, and culture. There are beliefs about what to do and what not to do, what to do on which day, and what not to do on which day.

According to this, we have heard that the elders in your house do not cut your hair on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. You may not have cared about it. So today we are going to reveal the secret. According to Hindu scriptures, nails and hair should not be cut three times a week.

according to the scriptures, if you cut your nails on Tuesday, your family will not feel better, and your body will have more problems with blood vessels. I

t is also believed that if you cut your hair this time, you will lose money. If Mars is weak in your horoscope, it is believed that if you do forbidden things on this day, the grace of Mars will decrease and you will start getting bad fruits.

This time astrology tells you that if you cut your nails, it will be difficult to succeed in your studies. It is believed that cutting your nails will increase your stomach-related problems on this day.

And it is also considered unlucky to cut your hair on this day. It is believed that this day will have an adverse effect on your marital life as you will have the wrong energy.

It is believed that if you cut your nails on this day, your life will be reduced. Doing so can also increase your religious poverty.

Astrology tells you that if you are cutting your hair on Saturday, you may be dominated by wrong thoughts. Also, cutting your hair on this day will increase your bone problems. Therefore, it would be better to cut hair and nails only other times except for this time.

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