Keep an elephant made of silver at home, you will soon become rich

The Scriptures describe many ways to get rich and to become rich. By adopting these measures mentioned in the scriptures, the obstacles to becoming rich can be overcome. Such measures strengthen wealth.

This article mentions a similar measure, which, when adopted, strengthens wealth. Silver Elephant: In Hinduism, the elephant is considered a sacred animal. Because this animal has a relationship with Lord Ganesha who is considered to be a destroyer. Therefore, keeping and worshiping elephants is considered very auspicious.

There is a belief that an elephant keeper should never be short of money. But it is not possible to raise such a large animal now. As an alternative, people bring home elephants made of silver.

Elephants made of silver are considered very auspicious according to architecture. One is silver and the other is an elephant. Placing an elephant made of silver in the house and office reduces various types of architectural defects.

There are many architectural defects mentioned in Vaastu Shastra. Due to such defects, a person is less likely to become rich. If these defects are destroyed, Lakshmi is believed to live in the house.

If a silver elephant of any size is placed on the table of home and office, it becomes a sum of money. Place the silver elephant on the north side of the house.

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