After marriage, these things should not be done.

If you think that the relationship before and after marriage is the same, change it. Even if the person is the same, some issues change before and after the marriage.

If the relationship changes with the changing behavior, then the relationship can move forward smoothly. It is better not to do these five things with your partner even after forgetting after marriage.

1. Expenses incurred in marriage:

It is better not to discuss the expenses incurred in marriage with your partner after marriage. Unnecessary demands from both parties on the marriage may have been wasted. Discussing this issue immediately after marriage can lead to misunderstandings in the early days.

2. Jokes about relatives:

Even bizarre relatives can be seen at the wedding ceremony. Such characters may be from either the boy or the girl. Unnecessary behavior may also have come from family members. Talking about this immediately can be risky. The bride and groom may have a close relationship with the person who behaves in this way. Making jokes about them can hurt.

3. Ex-love affair:

Not checking your partner’s habits with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is fruitful in married life. If you have such a habit, it is best to get rid of it. Otherwise, the problem may start before the marriage begins.

4. Attitude:

It is your job to do it yourself. Showing attitude from the beginning of a marriage is an obstacle to a happy marriage. It is better to gradually get used to your partner by watching his behavior than to react immediately.

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