Follow these steps to solve money problems.

In astrology, there are many simple and effective ways to get rich according to your zodiac sign. In astrology, the second sign of the horoscope is called Dhanbhav. Similarly, the eleventh sense represents income.

If both these feelings are strong then the person will never be short of money. Some measures can be taken to strengthen these feelings. What are the ways to get money according to the amount? Learn

Aries: Visit Surya Dev in the morning and offer kheer with jaggery to Lord Laxminarayan.

Taurus: Visit Lord Shiva every morning and offer rice at Shivalinga on Friday.

Gemini: Visit Goddess Lakshmi or Goddess Durga in the morning and offer red flowers to Ganapati.

Cancer: Visit Lord Krishna in the morning and give him Tulsi Patra Mishri Makhan.

Leo: Visit Lord Surya Narayan in the morning and touch the red rose to Hanuman’s feet and keep it in your purse.

Virgo: Visit Lord Ganesha in the morning and offer rice to Goddess Durga.

Libra: Offer lotus flower to Lord Laxminarayan Ji and offer laddu to Hanuman Ji.

Scorpio: Wear Tulsi at Vishnu Temple and recite Shri Ram Stuti before going on a business trip.

Sagittarius: Visit Hanuman in the morning and place sweets under the peepal tree and apply kasar tilak.

Capricorn: Visit Goddess Gayatri in the morning and keep a white flower with you before important work.

Aquarius: Light a lamp in pure ghee under a banana tree and offer a sweet drink to Hanuman ji before the important work.

Pisces: Give tilak of kasar to Lord Vishnu and apply tilak on forehead. Offer a tree to Goddess Lakshmi.

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