For the happiness and peace of home, don’t forget to do these 3 things on Thursday

Thursday is the day of Jupiter. According to religious beliefs, Jupiter is the guru of the gods. He is the cause of knowledge, moral and religious deeds, children, growth. The banana tree is worshiped on this day to get the blessings of God.

Also on this day, people worship Lord Vishnu. According to religious scriptures, there are some things that happen on Thursday that Jupiter is weak to do. The function is as follows:

According to religious scriptures, astrology considers Jupiter to be the factor of husband and children in a woman’s horoscope. Women should not wash their heads on Thursdays. In addition, the hair should not be cut. If she does, Jupiter will be weak in her horoscope, which will lead to marital problems. Husband or wife’s progress is also stopped.

Nails and beards should not be cut on Thursdays. Because it is also said in the scriptures that the person who does this does not get the auspicious fruit of Jupiter. It also has a negative effect on a person’s life.

Bananas should not be consumed on Thursdays. On this day the banana tree is worshiped. In addition to this, on Thursday, there is a decrease in the auspicious effect of overweight clothes, belongings, washing or wiping the house, education, religion, etc. to the members of the house.

Diyo (Lamp)
On Thursday, it is better to pour water on the roots of a banana tree and light a lamp of pure ghee and recite 108 names to the Guru. Doing so will speed up the search for a mate. Obstacles to marriage are also removed.

Yellow dress
Jupiter is very fond of yellow. The yellow color is worn by Pitambar. Therefore, turmeric is used in worship. It is very good to donate saffron yellow sandalwood or turmeric on Thursday. It brings happiness and peace to the home.

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