How much of the earnings should be donated? Know the types and importance of donation according to the scriptures

According to religious texts, a person must make donations in life. Donation is said when a person gives something of his own will to the person in front and then does not take it back.

Apart from money, things like food, water, education, cow, bull are also included in charity. It is our duty and religion to donate. The importance of donating arms has also been told.

According to a verse from the scripture – Danam Damo Daya Kshanti: Sarveshan Dharmasadhanam. Yajnavalkyasmriti, Grihastha. The meaning of this verse is charity, restraint of the conscience, mercy, and forgiveness are considered equal to the common religious means.

Charity is a kind of social system. By donating, there is a balance in society. When rich people donate, many poor families are fed. According to Indian culture, God resides in every living being. That’s why one should not starve. If you do charity, then our culture becomes unbreakable.

That is why it is very important that you donate voluntarily and openly. A question also comes as that how much should we donate. This information was also given in the scriptures.

It has been told that how much part of a person should distribute his earnings among the people in the form of charity. Before knowing this amount, let us know how many types of donations are there.

Type of donation
Nityadaan: This is such a charity in which a person does not have any philanthropy. He does not even desire any fruit in return for giving his charity. He donates selflessly. He doesn’t want anything in return. Such a donation is called a daily donation.

Naimittik Daan: When a person’s pot of sin is filled, he places this donation on the hands of learned brahmins for the pacification of those sins. Such donation is called Naimittik donation.

Kamya Daan: When a person desires to have children, success, happiness, prosperity, and heaven and he does charity, then it is called Kamya Daan.

Vimal Daan: When we make any donation to please God, it is called Vimal Daan.

Who should donate?
Only a person who is rich in wealth is entitled to donate. It is not necessary to give charity to the poor and those who earn their livelihood. This is what the law of the scriptures says.

It is believed that if a person donates after cutting the stomach of his parents, wife, and children, then he does not do virtue but sins. Donations should always be given only to a deserving people. The donation given to the wicked becomes in vain.

What part of the earnings should be donated?
According to the verse mentioned in the scripture – न्यायोपार्जितवित्तस्य दशमोशेन धीमत:। कर्तव्यो विनियोगश्च ईश्वरप्रीत्यर्थमेव च ॥ This means that one-tenth of the money earned should be donated fairly. It is your duty to donate this. By doing this God is pleased.

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