In the Mahabharata, everyone from Dhritarashtra to Duryodhana was deceived into marriage, this is the story!

The story of Mahabharata contains many small and large chapters. It is mainly the story of two families in which Lord Krishna played the role of an excellent diplomat. Although in some places Lord Krishna appears as a friend and advisor, in the Mahabharata story he is described as a diplomat.

Kauravas and Pandavas

The Kauravas and the Pandavas, who were brothers but had feelings of jealousy and hatred towards each other. The feeling of hatred towards each other started from Kauravas, but gradually this feeling of hatred began to arise in the minds of the Pandavas as well.

This battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas was related to jealousy between them, the throne, and the rule of Hastinapur.

Bhishma Pitamah

This terrible battle of Kurukshetra would have been impossible if Bhishma Pitamah had not taken a vow to remain unmarried for the rest of his life and to serve the king on the throne in order to complete the marriage of Satyavati and his father Shantanu.

Today we are going to talk about such incidents in the Mahabharata which are based on forced or fraudulent marriages.


We first talk about the Pandavas who play a major role in the story of the Mahabharata. Draupadi had already liked Sutaputra Karna on her own. But out of concern for her family’s dignity, she put a garland around Arjun’s neck.

After marrying Arjuna, she became the ‘brother-in-law’ of all the other Pandavas, but was divided into objects in one word of Kunti and eventually became the wife of all the Pandavas.

She lived as the wife of one Pandava every year and on New Year’s Eve, she became the wife of another Pandava. It is not that she was the only wife of all the Pandavas, the five Pandavas also married women other than Draupadi. Certainly, this was a betrayal or injustice to Draupadi.

Vichitravirya and Viryasena

The second story is about the three sisters, Amba, Ambika, and Ambalika, who were abducted by Bhishma or Devvrat himself so that he could marry their half-brothers, Vichitravirya and Viryasena.

Both brothers were physically very weak, so they were not invited to join the three sisters. In a fit of rage, Bhishma abducted the three sisters from Swayamvara and forced them to marry his two brothers.

When Bhishma found out that Amba wanted to marry King Shalva, Bhishma left Amba. But he was not adopted by King Shalva. This deception ruined Amba’s life.


Bhanumati was the daughter of King Chandravarma of Kamboja, who was beautiful, talented, and intelligent. Seeing Bhanumati in Swayamvara, Duryodhana became fascinated with her. And when Bhanumati started walking in front of him without wearing a garland, Duryodhana became angry. And he snatched Pandora’s necklace and put it around his neck.

When all the kings opposed it, he ordered Karna to fight with all the kings. In the battle, Karna defeated everyone and was forced to marry Bhanumati Duryodhana. Surely this was deception and injustice with Bhanumati.

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