If you chant these mantras every Tuesday and worship Lord Ganesha, your wish will be fulfilled

According to Hinduism, a brat is performed in the name of a god every single day of every year. Similarly, today is Tuesday, the day when many people pray to Lord Ganesha and observe Brat.

Tuesday’s brat is considered to be the best way to achieve all kinds of happiness, to alleviate blood disorders, to suppress enemies, to protect health, and to have a son. This brat should start from the first Tuesday of Shukla Paksha.

The unlucky fruit of Mars also calms down from Tuesday’s brat. After getting up in the morning, taking a bath, and purifying oneself, one should wear a red cloth and chant ‘Om Bhoomaya Namah’. Lord Ganesha should be worshiped.

Red flowers, fruits, copper, coconuts, etc. should be donated during worship. It is customary to take this brat for at least 21 Tuesdays. If possible, it is better to take it for life.

In this fast, you have to eat wheat and sugarcane, you have to wear red clothes. One meal should be aloe vera. What to do on the day of Brat? Light a candle or a lamp in the morning.

Meditate in the morning. Start your day by reading some religious texts. When you reach home in the evening. Wash hands and feet. Change clothes and make clean food (prasad). Such as pudding, Khir, and other foods.

Make food (offerings) with love and goodwill or by chanting a mantra. Contemplate this notion as you meditate and prepare for the occasion. And only the soul of the person who eats is satisfied.

When the food (prasad) is ready, place fruits and prasad in the place of meditation or worship. Light a lamp, candle, or Agarbatti in the place of worship. Revelation is considered to be the presence of God Himself. It provides knowledge and wisdom.

Flowers, fruits, and fragrances are considered to be the gift of the world, the power of the universe. Then family, friends, or sitting alone can do the Aarti of God. At that time, you can read the Bhagavad Gita and other religious texts according to your needs.

Again, you can sing psalms and pray. What to eat on the day of Brat? Do not eat any solid food on the day of Brat. You can eat light food (kheer, halwa, rice, and vegetables) after 5 pm.

If it is not possible to fast all day due to health reasons, if you are weak, then you can take milk and fruits if you have a severe headache. You can also drink herbal tea or water.

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