Context of the Mahabharata: Yudhisthira’s victory over Kaal.

The battle of Mahabharata was over. Maharaj Yudhisthira had become king. He had been running the kingdom with the help of his four brothers.

All the five brothers had equal rights and activism in running the state. If someone came for help, they would help him. There was laughter in the state.

One day, Yudhisthira was sitting in the palace and talking to the ministers. There was a deep thought going on over a problem. A citizen who was suffering from some evil was begging. They had taken the citizen’s cow and hurt him.

The problem was not so big. But those citizens were there for justice. Due to his busy conversation with the Minister, Maharaj Yudhisthira could not listen to the citizens. He told the citizens to wait outside, the citizens were waiting for Yudhisthira outside the Mantrana Bhavan.

After the conversation with the minister, Maharaj wanted to call the citizen, but an envoy from another country arrived to meet him. Yudhisthira got into another conversation.

Thus, Maharaj Yudhisthira was delayed due to one important meeting after another and reached to meet the citizens. But Yudhisthira, who was tired from the day’s meetings, met the citizens and asked them to come tomorrow as he was very tired. So the king went to his resting place.

The citizens were very disappointed with the behavior of Maharaja Yudhisthira. He was returning home with a sad heart. He once wanted to meet Bhim.

From there, Maharaj went to meet Yudhisthira’s brother Bhim. Bhim asked the citizen the reason for his problem. Citizens told Bhim the whole thing. He also said that Maharaj did not give him time.

Bhim was very sad to hear about the citizen. He was also very disappointed with the behavior of Maharaja Yudhisthira. He thought for a moment and approached the gatekeeper and asked him to instruct the soldiers to play the victory drums.

The soldiers stationed at the door began to play the drums on the occasion of the victory. Maharaj Yudhisthira was also surprised to hear the sound of drums. He came out of his room to find out why the drum was beating.

As soon as he came out of the room, he met Bhim. Yudhisthira asked, “Why is the drum being played on the occasion of victory?” Has our army defeated any enemy? ‘

Bhima humbly replied, “Sir, our army has not defeated an enemy.”
Yudhisthira asked again, “Then why are these drums beating?”
“Because it is known that Maharaj Yudhisthira has conquered time,” Bhim replied.
Maharaj was surprised to hear Bhim’s words. He asked, “How did I win yesterday?”

Bhim looked into Maharaj’s eyes and said, “Maharaj, some time ago you told a citizen that there is only time tomorrow to listen to his problem. It is clear that you know you cannot die today. You won the call for one day, so you thought you would meet tomorrow.

After hearing Bhim’s words, Maharaj Yudhisthira seemed to fall from grace. Her eyes opened. He discovered his mistake and arranged for help according to the citizen’s problems.

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