Don’t eat these foods on Saturday.

Shani is considered to be the god of justice. That is, the god who gives good fruits to those who do good deeds and bad fruits to those who do bad deeds. Saturday is considered to be the day of Lord Shani.

If a person has Shani in his horoscope, he should be careful while eating on Saturday. Anyone who wants to keep Shanidev happy has to take some precautions while eating on Saturday. There are some foods that Shani does not like.

If you want to consume milk or yogurt on Saturday, do not forget to mix turmeric or a little good in it. Because plain milk and yogurt are not liked by Shani.

If you eat mango pickle daily, keep it away on Saturday. If you want to avoid Shani’s outbreak, don’t eat mango pickle on Saturday. Shanidev does not like mango consumption.

Do not eat red pepper on Saturday. Shanidev gets angry when he eats red chillies.

You can eat gram, meat and mung bean on Saturday. But avoid eating lentils. Mussoorie dal is affected by Mars. Which helps to increase the cruelty of Shani.

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