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Krishna had given such a suggestion to Yudhisthira about the way to eradicate poverty

Lord Krishna has described some of the things that an ordinary person can do to get rid of poverty by keeping them at home. The mythological documents and scriptures of Sanatan Dharma have explained the solutions to every big and small problem of human life.

According to the Mahabharata, the eldest Pandava Yudhisthira once asked Lord Krishna, “What should be done to ensure that there is always happiness and prosperity in the house and there is no shortage of wealth?”

In answer to this question of Yudhisthira, Lord Krishna had said that poverty would not come if some things were in the house.

According to him, the grace of the deity is showered every day when cow ghee is donated to the house and offerings are made from the ghee. By doing so, there will be no poverty in the houses.

When a guest is allowed to drink water, the ominous planet trembles. So give water as soon as someone comes home.

Honey is considered a sacred food. It removes negative energy from the house. Always keeping the house clean reduces expenses and increases wealth.

The planets in the solar system greatly affect human life. Every day when a person puts sandalwood on his forehead according to the planets, auspicious fruit is obtained.

Applying sandalwood on the forehead gives coolness and also destroys sins. When you keep sandalwood at home, its fragrance also destroys negative energy.

The harp must be in the hands of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom and music. According to the Puranas, Goddess Saraswati is seen sitting on a lotus flower and holding a harp in her hand.

The lotus blooms in the mud but is not touched by the mud. Keeping his picture at home also bears fruit.

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