Do these things before you go to bed.

In Hinduism, a woman is considered the Lakshmi of the house. In a house where a woman gets full respect, there is never a lack of money.

Lakshmi lives where women are respected. The small things a woman does in the home affects the whole family. Let’s talk about some of the measures that lead to wealth and prosperity.

According to Vaastu Shastra, one should not go to anyone’s house at night to ask for milk. Don’t donate to anyone at night. Donating at night can lead to a lack of money.

False rent should not be kept in the kitchen. The kitchen should be kept clean. This leads to happiness and prosperity in the house and negative energy escapes from the house.

Never light a lamp near a basil plant in the evening. Doing so increases the likelihood of a fight at home. Lighting the lamp can also increase the incidence of the disease in the family. Women should never sleep with their hair uncovered at night. Mother Laxmi gets angry while doing this.

Keeping garbage covered will be Mother Lakshmi’s residence. Empty buckets should not be kept in the kitchen at night. This creates an atmosphere of tension in the home.

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