Why is Sastang Pranam done?

Pranam has its own significance among Hindus. According to the beliefs, it is the culture here to bow down at the feet of someone older than oneself. While bowing in this way, a person lies down on the ground and touches the feet of the devotee with his head, which is called Sastang Pranam.

It is called Sastang as it is a prostration performed with eight limbs. But it is legislated only for men. It is forbidden for women.

This asana has many benefits as the major parts of the body touch the ground. Proximity to the earth is a sign of health.

The reason why women are not allowed to do this prostration is that the womb and breasts should not touch the ground.

It is believed that these organs should not be pressed to the ground as the womb nurtures life and the breasts nurture that life.

To the modern man, this posture may seem like an old tradition, but it symbolizes the renunciation of ego. It shows that one has given up ego and is on the path to God.

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