Pronouncing om every day will be such an advantage

One who wakes up early in the morning and utters om experiences happiness. The pronunciation of omkar also has many health benefits.

It is made up of three letters and all three have their own meaning. A means to arise, U means to rise or evolve and M means to be silent. Therefore, Om in itself signifies the origin and creation of the entire universe.

Om has its own way of pronouncing. You can pronounce om in different yoga cases:

Padmasana, Ardha Padmasana, Sukhasana and Vajrasana. You can also pronounce om by using a rosary.

Pronouncing om causes vibration in the throat which affects the bones of the spine. It increases your ability to work all day and you are active.

Doing pranayama while chanting om also strengthens weak lungs. Asthma patients benefit from chanting Om.

It is better for people with insomnia.

Pronouncing Om does not make your body feel tired and refreshed. The body is energetic and the person is active throughout the day. It is better to pronounce om than to take vitamin pills.

The body’s digestion is also amazing when pronouncing om. It also improves heart and blood flow.

People who are running in the cycle of earning money are often stressed. Chanting reduces stress and gives you the power to think. When the mind is calm, it is easy to find a solution to the problem.

Nowadays, thyroid problems are getting worse. For this, get up in the morning and say om instead of taking medicine. Vibration in the throat has a positive effect on the thyroid gland.

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