Emergence of Garud and Naag(snake) dynasty and story behind red glow of the sun in early morning

As narrated by Sage Ugrashravaji, the two daughters of Daksha Prajapati were married to Sage Kashyap. One day Kashyap asked his two wives Kadru and Vinta to ask for a boon.

So Kadru expressed her desire to have one thousand powerful serpent sons whereas Vinta requested for only two sons more powerful and strong than Kadru’s.

Their boon was granted, both were happy. In the course of time, both delivered the said number of eggs which were kept in a warm place to be hatched.

After five hundred years the eggs of Kadru broke their shell and a thousand poisonous and strong serpents emerged. But Vinta’s eggs remained as it is. She was worried, so she herself broke the shell of one egg.

She was shocked to see the half-developed body of her son Arun, who was strong and healthy in the upper portion of the body but was underdeveloped below.

As soon as Arun emerged from the shell, he cursed blamed his mother’s greed for his condition and cursed her that she would be subservient to Kadru for Five hundred years and will only be saved by her second son Garud after five hundred years.

Saying this Arun flew away in the sky and became the Charioteer of Surya dev. He appears daily early in the morning as the reddish hue of Surya which we see every day in the early morning. Meanwhile, after five hundred years, Garud emerged by himself from the shell of the egg.

Meanwhile, Vinta lost the bet to Kadru when they were discussing the colour of the divine horse Uchh Shravan. Vinta had guessed his colour was white but Kadru agreed that although his colour was white his tail end was black.

She called her sons and told them to be stationed in the horse’s tail so that she will not lose the bet. Some of her son’s refused to go so she cursed them to burn and die in King Janamejay’s snake Yagya.

Meanwhile, Garud broke the shell of the egg after five hundred years and flew in the sky after his emergence. He was strong and had a strong glow like that of Agnidev but this glow disturbed the Devtas. As he flew, Initially Devtas thought him to be Agnidev looking at his glow.

When they approached Agnidev, he explained to them that this was Garud and he was the friend of Devtas. So the Devtas went and paid respect to Garud. It was then that Garud gathered his scattered radiance so that Devtas would not be disturbed.

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