Here are 17 secret Tantric remedies to get rich. Do just one and you will find the difference

The oldest woman in the house gets up before sunrise and fills the copper door with water every day and sprinkles it on the main door. Lakshmi ji is questionable and will never run out of money.

-The goddess of wealth is supposed to come on Wednesday. Don’t lend money, money or property on that day
-If you suddenly receive money on Thursday, put the amount equal to 15, 30, 45 or 60 in the envelope and offer it to the nearest temple.

-Do not carry an empty bag or empty purse when leaving the shop or home. Always keep some money in your purse.
-If someone has to repay the loan, start repaying the loan from Tuesday and it will be repaid soon.
– Plant a basil plant at home and always light a ghee lamp in the evening
-Never use a brush at home in the evening

– Red cloth should be spread in the place where wealth is kept in the house. Your house, office should always be kept clean which can make the goddess of wealth happy.
-Home, office Wherever there is a spider web, removing it immediately leads to poverty.
-Always make the worship room in a separate place and take care that the worship room should always be clean and the place of worship should always be clean.

-Men should never look at other people’s wealth and another’s wife which makes the goddess of wealth angry and leads to poverty.
– It is better to have a small part of the soil in any part of the house
-Never hang a photo or picture of water flowing in the house, Taj Mahal, Nataraja which will make your money flow like water.

-Turn the black til on the head of all the members of the family seven times and throw it on the north side of the house. This will reduce your financial loss and reduce your expenses.
-Always respect women in the house, do not give them deliberate cost, in the house where women are unhappy, mother Lakshmi does not live in the house
-Homely cooked food should never be thrown away

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