Why don’t the Buddhists of Kathmandu step on the backyard of Kalbhairav?

The statue of Kalbhairav ​​is considered a symbol of justice in the Kathmandu Valley. Since ancient times, this idol has been considered a god of justice.

Among the various religious heritages in Kathmandu, Buddhists also have a deep faith in the idol of Kalbhairav.

But Buddhists in Kathmandu, including Gubhaju, Bajracharya, and Shakya, do not turn from the backside when visiting Kalbhairav, as they do in other temples. Instead, they complete the tour by climbing on the back deck.

‘During the reign of Jang Bahadur Rana, many Buddhist texts and the Thessaphus (old manuscripts) were burnt and destroyed behind the statue of Kalbhairav.

Apart from this, Buddhist temples, monasteries, and scriptures were destroyed during the invasion of the Muslim king in the Kathmandu Valley. At that time, many chaityas were covered with limestone to protect them from attack.

Many such covered chaityas are found in the valley. At the same time, it is believed that important Buddhist texts and historical thesis were buried behind the statue of Kalbhairav ​​to prevent its destruction.

This is the reason why the old people who have been listening to such rumors or sayings still do not stand on it and consider it a sin to stand here.

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