What fruits do we get after offering things to Shivling?

When a problem starts appearing in a person’s life and he starts worshiping many gods and goddesses, taking vows, etc., attending temples, chanting, penance, incense, charity, religion, etc.

This is done to solve problems and make life peaceful. To get rid of the problem, one also goes to astrologers and fortune-tellers. The problem can be solved by consulting a scientifically qualified and well-versed mathematician, but if you fall into the clutches of the wrong person, it is nothing but a waste of money and time.

So what to do? The question naturally arises. The answer is the same – if a person takes refuge in Lord Shiva, he does not have to go anywhere else. Shiva has the solution to every problem. It requires true reverence, faith, and devotion. Lord Shiva is the father of all religions, occultism, and astrology.

It is also easy to please Shiva. The Puranas describe him as Ashutosh, that is, he will be pleased soon. There are some things in particular that make Lord Shiva happy to offer. Shiva has told about things that make him happy in Shiva Mahapurana.

What are the objects? What happens when those objects are offered to Shiva? What is the solution to this problem? Let’s see

  • – Offering milk in Shivling brings health. –
  • Offering yoghurt in Shivling brings happiness, joy and positive energy into life.
  • -If you offer honey in Shivling, you get form and beauty. Sweetness in speech increases popularity.
  • – Ghee is added to Shivling to get faster.
  • – Happiness and prosperity are obtained by offering Sakhar in Shivalinga.
  • -If you apply perfume on Shivling, there is spiritual progress.
  • – Aromatic oil offering increases wealth and material happiness.
  • – Offering sandalwood increases respect and fame.
  • – Sacrificing saffron makes married life happy. All obstacles to marriage are removed. You get the spouse you want. Getting married soon becomes yoga.
  • – Longevity is obtained by offering amla or amla juice in Shivling.
  • – All family happiness is obtained by offering sugarcane juice. Love grows between family members.
  • -If wheat is offered in Shivling, the lineage increases, worthy children are obtained. Children are obedient.
  • -Invalidation in Shivling brings immense wealth and happiness.
  • – Offering sesame seeds in Shivling destroys all sins and diseases.
  • -Offering barley in Shivling brings worldly happiness.
  • -By offering bilva leaves to Shiva every day, all the crises of life are removed.

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