This work should not be done after sunset, otherwise, you may have to bear many losses

Different situations arise in human life. Sometimes life is spent happily and sometimes many types of problems start arising in life.

It has often been seen that people try everything possible to keep their life happy, but even without wanting, problems start arising in life. Let us tell you that there can be some work done by us behind the troubles of life, due to which we have to face problems in life.

In Hinduism, it is believed that after sunset some work should not be done even by forgetting. If this work is done after sunset, then many bad omens start arising due to it, due to which many types of problems come in life.

By doing these things, Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, also gets angry. There are differences between the members of the household. The health of the family members starts deteriorating and the situation of disputes starts in the house.

Today, through this article, we are going to give you information about which things should not be forgotten after sunset. If you make the mistake of doing these things, then you may have to suffer a big loss.

Trees and plants should not be touched after sunset

You have to take care that after sunset you do not touch the trees and plants or pluck their leaves. Apart from this, special care will also have to be taken that trees should not be watered after sunset and the basil plant should not be touched even after forgetting in the late evening or night. According to Hindu belief, trees and plants fall asleep after sunset, so touching them is not considered auspicious.

Food should not be kept open after sunset

You have to keep in mind that do not keep any type of food open after sunset, it should always be covered with something. It is believed that after the sun sets, the effect of negative energy becomes very high, due to which its properties are found in food. If a person consumes this food, then he can become sick from it.

a funeral should not be performed after sunset

It has been mentioned in Garuda Purana that no human should be cremated after sunset. If this is done, then he has to suffer a lot in the hereafter. Apart from this, it has also been told in the Hindu scriptures that after sunset one should not use a broom or wipe in the house. Due to this, there is a possibility of a loss of money.

Keep these things in mind while taking a bath after sunset

It is often seen that many people take bath after sunset. In such a situation, those people should take special care that sandalwood should not be applied on the forehead while taking a bath. Taking a bath after sunset increases the risk of increasing the effect of cold.

When the sun sets, then later negative energy enters the sky. In such a situation, clothes should not be dried either in the evening or at night. It is said that if a person wears clothes that have been dried at night, then there is a higher chance of getting sick from it.

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