Bring these 5 things home on the first day of Sawan, Bholenath will remove all the problems of life

Every year the devotees of Bholenath eagerly wait for the month of Sawan. This year Sawan month is going to start from 25th July. The worship of Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan has special significance.

In this month, Shiva devotees keep a fast for Bholenath, go on Kavad Yatra, specially decorate the Shivling and perform various types of efforts. Everyone’s aim is to please Shiva. It is said that in this month, the person who pleases Shiva, his every wish gets fulfilled.

But do you know that it is considered very auspicious to bring some special things home in the month of Sawan? If you bring these things to your home this month, then Shiva is pleased and fulfills your every wish soon. All these things are very dear to Mahadev.


Bhasma is the favorite thing of Bholenath. In the month of Sawan, you can bring ash from the Shiva temple and keep it in the place of worship. Worshiping Shiva with this ash is very beneficial. The remaining ashes can be kept in the vault or the place of collection of money. There is never any shortage of money. At the same time, the sufferings also go away.


Rudraksha is also very dear to Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva resides in this Rudraksha. Bringing it home in the month of Sawan brings happiness, good luck, and prosperity. Apart from this, many problems of life also get rid of.


Both water and Gangajal are dear to Mahadev. This is the reason that even by offering a lot of water on Shivling, Shiva becomes pleased. In such a situation, if you bring Ganga water and anoint Shiva with it in the month of Sawan, then you get his blessings. Shiva showers wealth in your house. You never have to face a financial crunch.


The importance of Bilva Patra in Shiva worship has been told in mythology. It is believed that by offering Bel leaves to Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan, every wish is fulfilled.

But if the bill letters are not easily available in the month of Sawan, then you can make thin silver bills and bring them home. Offer it to Shiva every day in the month of Sawan. By doing this, all the auspicious works in your house are completed quickly and well.

Parad Shivling

There is a special relation between Parad and Shiva. It is said that if you bring the Shivalinga of Parad at home and worship it every day, then all kinds of faults are eradicated from you.

It is also believed that the devotee who worships Parad Shivling, Lord Mahakal himself protects him. This Shivling brings happiness and peace to the house. Due to this, no one remains sick in the house. There is also an increase in wealth.

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