Why should we worship Lord Ganesha on wednesday ?

Astrology: Men should not go to in-laws on Wednesday, women should not be insulted and these 5 things should not be done:

Know the secret and destiny of a person born on Wednesday and many people believe that the month, date, time or moment of birth affects a person’s life. At the same time, the day has an effect on life and personality, so people nowadays urge doctors to have their baby born on this day, not on this day. Indian astrologer Mrs. Jyotima Sharma has described the following qualities of people born on Wednesday:

  • 1. People born on Wednesdays tend to be calm, witty, and business-minded.
  • 2. Even if plans have no place in your life, you want to work in a very organized way.
  • 3. You are the owner of a clean and pure ideology.
  • 4. You like to know new things.
  • 5. The way you speak is very effective.
  • 6. You are very satisfied in life because you are not so stressed about anything.
  • 7. You get leverage to grow your business faster with positive thinking.
  • 8. You don’t get very angry but once you get angry your anger takes a long time to calm down.
  • 9. You don’t forgive anyone easily. Once a person thinks about it, no matter what they do, they can’t impress you.
  • 10. You are expensive and you make your own decisions.
  • 11. Your marriage is happier because you take good care of your partner.
  • 12. People born on Wednesdays are often seen in the field of education due to their sharp intellect.

Do these 8 things on Wednesday. Success will come: Mercury is considered to be the representative of Lord Vishnu, so wealth, splendor, etc. are related to Mercury.

The direction of Mercury is north and the north direction is also the place of Kubera. Mercury is also considered to be the factor of some important facts, such as the factor of speech, the factor of intelligence, the factor of skin, the factor of the nervous system of the brain, etc.

If you are spending more than your income in your house if you are having trouble at home, then worship Mercury on Wednesday, you can get relief from the problem because by taking some measures in your life to remove the ill effects of Mercury, as well as knowledge, wealth and business prosperity You can get benefits. In addition, you stay away from old age, which fills your life with new vigor. Here are some other things:

  • 1. For the happiness of Mercury, the people of Bhagwati Durga should come.
  • 2. Feed the green grass on Wednesday.
  • 3. Serve another gender.
  • 4. Soak green gram and feed it to birds.
  • 5. Wash the feet of a girl under the age of nine, bow to her, and bless her.
  • 6. Fast on Wednesday
  • 7. Worship Ganesha on Wednesday to change the ominousness of Mercury into auspiciousness.
  • 8. To wish for wealth, offer ghee and sugarcane to Shri Ganesh on Wednesday.

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