What type of house should be built according to Vastu Shastra?

According to Vastu, the South, North-East, and North-West are considered as the direction of money. When there are faults or mistakes in these corners of the house, financial problems remain.

Problems can be seen in these corners of the house if there is a kitchen, bedroom, dark, door, and storage space. In addition, you should follow some rules of architecture before placing garbage and heavy items.
These are the architectural defects

– In architecture, the northeast is considered the direction of the arrival of wealth. Placing heavy luggage and garbage in this direction causes loss of money and money cannot stay at home.

– North-west direction should not be dark. This direction is directly related to money. When it is dark in this corner of the house, money is spent.

– According to the architecture, the south is considered the direction of Yama. You should not keep a door in this direction and should not accumulate any of your property including money and jewelry.

– When the radish room of the house is not in the south-east direction, financial problems keep coming in the house.

– When the kitchen is in the north-east direction, the financial condition of the house starts to deteriorate. In addition, family members become ill and money is spent.

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