Know what happens when a picture of the father/mother is placed in the shrine?

There are different beliefs in Hinduism. From birth to death, various religious beliefs should be followed. Not only in various festivals but also in daily deeds, religion, tradition, and worship of God are given importance. For this, a separate worship room is also built.

Some even put pictures of their fathers in the worship room. However, Vastushastra says that it would be inappropriate to place a picture of the father in the shrine. Architects believe that doing so will cause strife in the family. According to Hinduism, when a person dies, his soul leaves the body and enters another body.

Only the soul is worshiped, not the body. Therefore, after death, the body is burnt. According to the Vastu, the image of God should be placed in the north or northeast direction. The east room should also be in the northeast direction. The picture of the fathers should be placed on the southwest side of another room.

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