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Do these 7 things on Monday, all your sorrow will disappear

Monday is considered auspicious for doing any work. It is written in the scriptures that a person born on Monday is very well behaved, efficient and loving. It is believed that if any work related to building a house, getting married, naming, or education is done on Monday, it will be auspicious.

In Hinduism, Sunday is considered the day of ‘Surya Dev’. Monday is Shivaji’s day. It is mentioned that Shivaji will be happy soon if he worships Shivaji on this day. On this day, one should go to Shiva temple, especially to worship ‘Ardhanarishwar’ and chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. It is believed that when Shivaji is worshiped on Monday while reciting Shiva Purana, Shivaji is pleased and gives the requested gift.

A virgin woman worships Shivaji to get a good groom, while a married woman worships Shivaji for the happiness of her family and the longevity of her husband. On this day, one should eat a spoonful while fasting. It is forbidden to mix salt and oil in food.

Here’s how to do it right:

1. It is considered good to anoint Shiva with water or milk. 2. If there is mental, physical or financial suffering, worship the deity. 3. Donate rice, milk, silver.

4. If the moon hurts, pouring the silver into the river will take away all the suffering. 5. Eating kheer is also auspicious. 6. Wear a white cloth and a white sandalwood vaccine for the person whose moon is deficient. 7. Wearing silver rings and white pearls is also beneficial.

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