Buy these 5 items on Friday, your luck will shine

Don’t buy iron-on Saturdays. Because it creates poverty at home. There is a loss of money. Creates financial problems. The habit of buying something without paying attention to it destroys the happiness and peace of the home. Similarly, today we are informing you about what items to buy on Friday to make our fortune shine and be auspicious.

Buy these items on Fridays

Buy a photo, idol, or coin of Mother Lakshmi and Ganesh and bring it home especially on Fridays. By doing this, there will never be a shortage of money in the house. Similarly, buy steel, brass, and silver leases on Fridays. This will remove the planetary condition.

Buy 5 kauda(dice) and 11 spinning wheels and put them in a yellow cloth where you put the money. If you have a store, keep it in a place where you can keep your money. This will increase your business.

Buy a business copy on Friday. A pair of hands, O God account, pray for my business to do well. By doing this, you will get the grace of Lakshmi in your business.

It is considered auspicious to buy electronic goods on Fridays. This will reduce the financial problems and make them equally durable.

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