Lord Shiva

This Shrawan is special because of 5 Mondays.

It is customary to pay special homage to Lord Shiva every Monday in July. According to astrology, Lord Shiva’s fast on Monday in the month of July is especially fruitful. Among the Hindus of the world, it is customary to fast on Monday of Shrawan. Monday is also considered fruitful in terms of education.

Since women get good grooms, traders earn a good income, farmers are engaged in farming, the importance of Shrawan is in people of every caste and religion. Of course, some people consider the green color to be more important in the summer because they consider Sati Devi as nature.

In the month of July, due to heavy rains, rains, and infection of germs, lotus is also thrown away. It is said that meat, garlic, and irritating foods should not be eaten as the risk of disease is high due to rain and heat. In Hinduism, Shrawan is considered the month of religious deeds.

It is believed that good fruits are obtained by fasting, giving alms, worshiping, etc. during this month. Monday’s fasting method is the same as other fasts. This fast starts from sunrise and lasts till 3 o’clock.

It is customary to worship Shivaji after three o’clock. Satvik food is eaten once in the evening on the day of fasting. There is a belief that fasting will solve all the problems.

This time, the first Monday of July has fallen on 4 of Shrawan. In this regard, there are 5 Mondays in Shrawan this year. Shrawan Vrat gives very good fruits. Even so, this time it is 5 Mondays, so Shrawan is special.

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