Today is the first Monday of Shrawan.

Today, on the first Monday of July, Hindu women are worshiping and celebrating Lord Shiva. Women go to the Shiva temple in the morning to worship Shiva, believing that their desires will be fulfilled when they worship Shiva on Monday.

It is customary for women to wear green clothes, bangles, and mehndi to worship and adore Lord Shiva. Monday in Shrawan is considered to be Shiva’s favorite day. Therefore, every Monday in Shrawan, devotees worship Shiva wearing red, green, and yellow.

There is a religious belief that worshiping Shiva by fasting all day will fulfill one’s desires. This time there are five Mondays in the month of Shrawan. The month of Shrawan, which falls on five Mondays, is considered more auspicious and holy.

Women go to Shiva temples to worship and fast. Other Shivalayas, including Pashupatinath, have not been opened this year due to the Corona epidemic.

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