Pashupatinath is not opening today.

Today is the first Monday in Shrawan of this year. Hindu women are worshiping Shiva. Although the Shivalayas are crowded with devotees on Mondays, the number of visitors to the Shivalayas is low due to the coronavirus infection.

There is a religious belief that if one fasts on Shrawan Monday and worships Shivaji, one’s desires will be fulfilled. The Pashupati temple will not be open for visitors on the first Monday of Shrawan. The second wave, including a new variant of the coronavirus, did not reopen the closed temple in Shrawan.

Experts have urged people to worship Shiva from house to house as the risk of corona remains. Similarly, the sale of green, yellow, and grandchildren has increased in July.

Even though the business was not like in the previous year, now the crowd has increased in the shop in Indrachowk, Kathmandu. In Shrawan, women wear green and yellow dresses. Lately, teenagers have also been wearing.

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