These idols of gods and goddesses should not be kept in the house

We worship God at home to bring happiness and peace. For peace and salvation, we visit various Shakti Peethas and see God and receive blessings. We believe that God’s grace will fulfill our desires, so we also worship at home in the morning and evening.

Every puja is started from Lord Ganesha or the total deity. If we make an error while performing puja at home, we will not get any result. It is considered inauspicious to keep photos and idols of some deities in the house. Has got

1. Nataraja is a form of a dance performance of Lord Shivaji. Even if you forget the idol or picture of Shivaji presenting Tandap, you should not keep it in the worship room or at home. It causes a variety of crises in the home.

2. Kali: The frightening form of the Hindu goddess Parvati is Kali. The idol of Mahakali in a state of anger causes the negative energy to flow in the house. As a result, there are quarrels, sorrows, and family crises in the home. So Mahakali Shakti or photo should not be kept at home.

3. If you keep a photo of Mahakali wearing a mung garland at home, negative energy enters your child’s mind. They may be filled with negative thoughts. So never leave an idol with a garland of khapar at home.

4. According to Vastushastra, Shivalinga should not be installed in the house. 5. Idol photos of Shanidev should not be kept in the house. Saturn is considered to be the god of solitary lovers, sadness, and loneliness.

7. Bhairav ​​is the angry form of Lord Shiva. So don’t forget Bhairav’s idol and photo and keep it at home. Some people worship by placing photos of their late father or mother in the temple of the house. It is good to respect parents. But it is considered inauspicious to worship in this way in the temple. Because gods and fathers do not coexist.

9. Standing idols or pictures of Ganesha, Lakshmi, and Saraswati should not be placed in the house idols. 10. Two idols of the same deity should not be kept in the worship room. Doing so can lead to misunderstandings with family and relatives. 11. Hanuman’s photo should not be kept in the worship room. There can be unrest and riots in the house.

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