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Do you know about Lord Rama and Lakshmana’s sister?

Everyone knows about Lord Rama and Lakshmana. But Lord Rama also had a sister. Her name was Shanta. There is a horned sage temple in India where Rama’s sister Shanta is worshiped. The temple, located near the Indian city of Kullu, has a statue of Shanta and her husband, the horned sage.

According to the scriptures, her husband was the son of Sring Rishi Srishang Vibhandak. It was the sage who performed the sacrifice to be the son of Emperor Dasharatha. He still has an ashram at the place where the yajna was performed. When Romped came to Ayodhya with his wife, King Dasharatha found out that he had no children.

Then King Dasharatha gave him children. King Dasharatha gave his daughter Shanta as a foster daughter to King Rompad of Angadesh. It is said about the marriage of Goddess Shanta that one day a Brahmin came to her door and prayed for help in farming. But because he was busy with his daughter, Rompad did not listen to the Brahmin and the Brahmin left in despair.

Such treatment of his devotees angered Indradev Rompad and did not flood his area. Due to which the field dried up. In such a crisis King Rompad appealed to the horned sage and the sage started a sacrifice to please Lord Indra. Then Goddess Shanta got married to a sage.

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