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This year’s Shivaratri is a great coincidence, do these things for wealth and prosperity

The wedding day of Lord Shiva is considered to be the four-day date of Krishna’s side in the month of Falgun. In Vishnu Purana, this Chaturdashi is called Mahashivaratri. Mahashivaratri is also important because it is the night of the meeting of Shiva and Shakti.

Spiritually, it is described as the night of meeting nature and man. This night the spiritual powers are more awake. Therefore, according to the scriptures, it is necessary to use the night of Shivaratri for meditation, yoga, penance, and sadhana. This year’s Mahashivaratri falls next Monday. This time there are some rare coincidences.

Monday is Mahashivaratri

This year’s Mahashivaratri falls on a Monday which is considered very rare. Monday is associated with Lord Shiva and Chandraman sitting on his head, which is why he is also called Somnath.

Falling on Mahashivaratri Monday is a very auspicious thing for Shiva devotees. When a marriageable young man and woman offer anointing milk and Ganga water to Shivaji on this occasion, the married life becomes better and brighter.

The coincidence of Shravan Nakshatra and Mahashivaratri

The occasion of Mahashivaratri has become a coincidence of the best hearing constellation in the constellation this year. The lord of this constellation is the moon and its symbol is the foot symbol of the left incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Worship of Lord Shiva in this constellation is considered very fruitful. Devotees of Shiva who desire wealth and happiness should anoint Lord Shiva with sugarcane juice on this occasion. According to Shiva Purana, it brings prosperity and wealth.

Shiva Yoga on Mahashivaratri

Shiva Yoga is also celebrated on this year’s Mahashivaratri. In Shiva Yoga, the worship of Shiva is considered to be very good and auspicious. Those who desire salvation need to mix saffron in milk and anoint Lord Shiva on the occasion of Mahashivaratri. For happiness and prosperity, it is necessary to offer unripe rice to Lord Shiva, that is, innocence.

Mahashivaratri in Sarvarth Siddhi Yoga

Along with these three coincidences, there is also the fourth coincidence in this year’s Shivaratri. On the occasion of Mahashivaratri this time, Swartha Siddhi Yoga has been made which will make all kinds of auspicious deeds successful.

On this occasion, the recitation of Shiva Sahasranama is beneficial. When you perform Rudrabhishek to get rid of health and obstacles, the effect of this yoga will make your work successful.

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