What is vow Do you have to make a vow (Bhakal) , what happens if you don’t do it?

If the person making the vow gets something, whether it is good for doing business, when he is ill, or if he wants to stay away from someone, and if he chooses to do so, I will give it or do it or sacrifice something or offer a gift. Vaka is done in the temple or in one’s own mind.

Vows are very important promises made to gods and goddesses and must be fulfilled. Because the person making the vow does not do this, he swears not to do it. Our scriptures say that vows to gods and goddesses are a serious matter.

The scriptures say that if a person makes a vow to a deity, that vow should never be broken. What has come out of one’s mind must be fulfilled. Our scripture says that the vow must be fulfilled at the time I have to swear, otherwise, the deity will never be pleased with that person. If it does, it must be delivered.

The scientific reason for this is that if a person makes a vow or vows to do something if he fails to fulfill his vow at that time, it means that the Ajna chakra in his body has not worked or he is a person who cannot decide anything. He can’t be addicted to anything.

Therefore, only people who can fulfill what they have said move forward in life. So let’s fulfill our vows without saying a word, we believe that everyone gets blessings along with a true person and such people are also pleased with gods and goddesses.

If someone doesn’t fulfill his vows, his fate will be ruined because most of The important chakra is the Ajna chakra. The Ajna chakra is the king chakra of our seven chakras. He whose command breaks the cycle can never progress in life.

So it is up to you to strengthen or weaken your command cycle. So if you want to strengthen your command cycle, you have to fulfill your vows on time. What happens if you don’t understand is that when the Russian command cycle is weakened, people start thinking a lot of things.

After thinking a lot, he starts seeing gods and goddesses in his dreams and starts cursing the gods and goddesses saying that the gods and goddesses have stopped his deeds. This will be to your advantage.

Similarly, Pathibhara is a famous pilgrimage site in the Taplejung district. Pathibhara temple is an important religious site for Hindus and Buddhists. It is located at an altitude of 12,000 feet in the Taplejung district.

This holy place of Pathibhara, the goddess of faith and holiness, is located 19.4 km from Phungling, the district headquarters of the Taplejung district. It is located northeast at an altitude of 3794 m. It is a day’s walk from Phungling Bazaar. Devotees flock to this temple throughout the year.

As the place of origin of the goddess is on the top (top) of the hill, which is as beautiful as a grain-filled path, carrying a lovely shape. The indigenous Limbu communities of Taplejung know Pathibhara as “Mukkumalung”. In the Limbu language, “Mukku” means power or force, “Malung” means plant. That is to say, the Limbu people manifest Pathibhara as a source or path of power.

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