The true story of Temple: Every day God is carried to the temple in Doko and carried home in the evening.

The temple is a very sacred place for Hindus. The center of faith is the temple. Today we are talking about one such temple in Nepal where the idol of God is carried to the temple every day in Doko.

Has come The priests of the temple carry the idol to Doko every day after the prayers. It is kept in a person’s house in Tahu Bazaar near the temple. The next morning, they are carried to the temple, worshiped, and taken away again.

This has been happening for the past 40 years at the Rambhadevi Temple in Palpa, Rambha Village Municipality-5. After the gold-plated idol of Rambhadevi was stolen from the temple in 2032 BS, the priests have been carrying the idol to Doko for security.

One of the two priests comes to the temple carrying an idol and a stone. Another priest arrives at the temple carrying Akshata from house to house.

As there is a temple of Rambhapani in the middle of the dense forest far from the settlement, the priests have always brought idols and stones to and from the house of Tahu Bazaar for fear of being stolen at night.

According to the priests, the bronze and stone idols that the priests take home every day are considered to have originated from the house and are brought from home for safety. Priest Tikaram Basyal said that they take turns to take the idol to a person’s house in Tahu Bazaar every day for security.

He says this has been done for 40 years for fear of stealing idols. After the visitors come to visit the temple, we worship at 1 pm and take them to Doko. ‘ Another priest of the temple, Prem Narayan Pandey, says that no one wants to stay in the forest alone with a watchman all night long.

In the western region, this recession is considered a very important pilgrimage site. There is a legend that when Lord Sitaram came to the forest during his 12-year stay in the forest, he rejoiced in a very pleasant environment.

According to local Kalidas Shrestha, the source of water has come out just above the Rambhapani temple and the same water has been used for the work of the temple. “From next year, we are managing a room to house the idol and a priest,” he said.

Chairman of Rambhadevi Religious Forest, Binod Shrestha, said that biodiversity has been protected in the forest area. He said that there are wild animals in the forest area which are not found elsewhere. He says, ‘We are making it a major destination for forest science students. District Forest has also provided assistance for this. ‘ She says, ‘It is the main tourist destination of the village. For this, other bodies also need to pay attention. ‘

Lord Rama, Sita, and Laxman left the forest and went to Ramdi. I had to stay overnight on the road. We had to stay in Bhagwan Tahu while walking in the forest. When Sita was thirsty at that time, when she asked Rama for water, Rama drew water from the ground with his bow and arrow to quench Sita’s thirst.

The mainstream of water is still flowing in Rambha. An idol of Rambhadevi has been installed here. The temple has a trident, a statue of a snake and a cow, a temple, and a waiting room. According to the locals, ample income can be earned by developing this Rambhadevi temple area as a tourist area.

Around two hundred families of Tahu have been using water from the water source near the temple. It is customary to offer bread, fruits, and panchabali in the belief that one’s wishes will be fulfilled during temple worship.

At the same time, the locals have been selling dance songs, decorative items, clothes, local food items, homemade products, and the locals have been buying and selling items for worship at the temple.

Pilgrims from neighboring districts of Syangja, Gulmi, Arghakhanchi, Parbat, Rupandehi, Nawalparasi as well as India also visit the temple. The temple is closed from the 1st to the 15th of Shravan, Ekadashi, and Triodashika.

There is a legend that the then Commander-in-Chief Rudra Shamsher offered jewels and bells in the temple in 1999. Rich in historical, religious, cultural, and tourist importance, the Rambhadevi temple is located in the forest of Rambhapani, about 31 km east of the district headquarters Tansen.

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