Four idols of Radhakrishna stolen from Ichangunarayan temple

Four idols of Radhakrishna have been stolen from the Ichangunarayan Temple in Nagarjuna Municipality-3. According to Ward Chairman Premlal Shrestha, four idols, including two of Radha and two of Krishna, were found stolen when priest Rajopadhyay went to worship at the Lichhavi temple this morning. Four small idols of Radha and Krishna made of brass and cast iron have been stolen from the temple.

There is a statue of Ichangunarayana on the ground floor of the two-story temple. According to the Metropolitan Police Circle, the thief may have entered from the upper floor of the temple. Police Chief Milan KC informed that further investigation is underway into the incident.

He said that the gold and silver garlands in the temple were found there. According to locals, the idol has been stolen from the temple three times even now. The thief was caught during the first robbery.

When the statue was not found for the second time, a new one was made. At that time, two tundals of the temple were also stolen along with the idol, said Ward Chairman Shrestha. Devotees YK Pandey and Suryaman Shrestha had placed about eight idols around the Ichangunarayana idol.

According to the locals, even though the temple is important from the historical, archeological, religious, and cultural point of view, it is often stolen due to lack of security. A special fair is held on the days of Harishyani Ekadashi and Haribodhani Ekadashi in Ichangunarayan worshiped as the youngest Narayan among the four Narayan’s of Kathmandu Valley.

Even during the four months of Haribodhani Ekadashi from Harishyani, many devotees come to the temple last year and this year only a few local devotees have come due to the Corona epidemic. Priest Rajopadhyay said that regular worship was going on even in the midst of the epidemic.

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