A thousand year old idol of Vishnu was found in Bangladesh

Police have recovered a historical and ancient idol of the Hindu god Vishnu made of black stone from a teacher in Bangladesh.

According to local media, the idol, which is believed to be a thousand years old, was made public by the police on Thursday. According to the Daily Star-News, the idol was seized from Boro Goli village in Comilla district. This precious black stone is about 23 inches high and 9.5 inches wide. It also weighs about 12 kg.

According to Daudkandi police station chief Nazrul Islam, the idol was recovered from a teacher named Abu Yusuf about a month and a half ago. But the teacher did not inform the police. According to police, the idol was recovered from the teacher’s house on Monday night.

The idol was found 20/22 days ago while digging in a pond on his land. Although he found out that it was a stone idol, he did not have time to report it to the police.

The statue is said to be valuable by archaeologists and experts in Bangladesh. It is also said that further investigation is needed.

Ataur Rahman, Regional Director, Department of Archeology, Chittagong, said, “The idol of Lord Vishnu found is very valuable. It is probably a thousand years old. For its special protection, it should be handed over to the Mainamati Museum immediately. ”

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