Here are eight reasons for unrest and lack of money at home:

Here are 8 reasons why there is unrest in the house and lack of money. There are always fights and quarrels in the house. If the cause is hidden inside your house, find out the cause and remove it.

This will bring happiness and peace. Astrology describes many of the things that cause unrest at home. These seemingly simple things can cause problems.

We keep a water jug ​​and a jug at the front door of the house. This is wrong. Never place a container filled with water near the main door if you have to. When doing so, always keep it to the left so that happiness enters

Placing a water container at the front door of the house creates a financial crisis in the house. The head of the household tends to be attracted to a woman. Due to which there is always a discord between husband and wife. The water container placed at the main entrance absorbs the positive energy coming into the house.

Due to which there are diseases, financial crises, and quarrels at home. When you keep a calendar at home, you have to be very careful. We tend to hang the calendar in a way that is convenient for us, but if it is moved in the wrong direction, it has the opposite effect.

Never hang the calendar in front of or behind the door. Doing so is believed to make any member of the household ill and shorten life. We should never place sharp objects like knives, scissors that we use daily in the wrong direction, they should always be placed in the southeast direction.

Never keep broken rent in the house. According to the scriptures, keeping such rent will make Goddess Lakshmi unhappy and there is a belief that there will be poverty in the house. There is a belief that keeping a broken mirror in the house is also inauspicious.

There is a belief that keeping false rent in one’s bedroom will lead to poverty and even if there is a crack or crack in the bed where you sleep, there is a fear that the relationship between husband and wife will deteriorate.

Do not keep any dispute-related documents in the safe of the house or in the place where money is kept. Doing so will increase poverty instead of reducing quarrels. Religious texts should never be kept in the kitchen or bedroom as doing so would be unholy and could have a negative effect.

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